Donation Thank You

Thank You!

Your kind donation has helped Fiddle and Bow during a crucial time in its existence and shows that our local contra dance is very important to you as it is to us. Our goal is to do everything we can to continue to sponsor dances in the new year in keeping with our mission of promoting quality traditional dance in our area.

The Board of Directors is working hard to implement some best practices within the organization and take measures to improve the way the Board and dance operates in 2017. We are implementing measures which will better control expenses and increase attendance.  Some of these measures are not what we would want ideally but we feel they are necessary for sustainability in the interim and for building as the new year progresses.

We are gathering statistical data which will help us to make decisions such as what bands we can book, where are the best and most affordable locations to hold dances, what outreach projects will introduce new people to contra dancing, how and where to publicize our dances, what incentives to give new dancers and members to increase attendance and many other ways to build a solid group of dancers. Let’s face it, dancers, like all people have job changes, get married, graduate, move from the area for other reasons or can’t continue coming because of health reasons. For this reason attendance building is a major focus of our efforts at this time.

How else besides donating, can you help? By simply attending our dances and, bringing people with you. There are other volunteer positions and committees you can contribute a little of your time to – community dancing is a community effort and a fun thing to be involved in after all!.

Thank you so much for being a part of this!

John Hopson
Vice President