Thanks to all who supported Feet Retreat!  Judging by evaluations and many comments, it went very well.  Dancers really enjoyed the music, callers and workshop leaders, interactions with other dancers, food, sound, lake, cabins, camping, etc.  Participants raved about the quality and quantity of food, and many took home food at the end.  We Fiddle and Bow board members are very pleased about all of this.

In order to make our dance weekend accessible to as many as possible, we did not increase prices from the 2017 amounts.  We put in a lot of work to provide a positive event.  However, we failed to anticipate the extent to which a number of our expenses would increase.  Therefore we did not make the anticipated $2,000 to $3,000 profit so critical to begin work on Feet Retreat 2020, and to subsidize our local dances.

We are a tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Donations to Fiddle and Bow Country Dancers may thus be tax deductible.  In previous years, we have benefited from the generosity of the local and regional dance community.  We are deeply grateful for this financial support, and we used it to put on a strong Feet Retreat 2019,

Next year, Feet Retreat will be held September 25-27, and will feature Wild Asparagus, with George Marshall as caller and musician; ContraForce; Gaye Fifer; and many interesting workshops.  We must, to some extent, raise our prices to cover expenses and, we hope, make a modest profit.  We moved our weekend to a later date in order to make it more likely that it will not be as warm in the dance hall.  We have already received assurances from the director of Camp Millstone that the exhaust fans near the roof will be serviced in order to cool the dance hall without creating excessive noise.  We are studying your evaluations carefully for other improvements we might make.

Based on our individual financial circumstances, we will make donations and ask our local dancers to support us.  We also ask for the financial support of others that have enjoyed Feet Retreat and anticipate high quality events in the coming years.  Thank you for your consideration.

Fiddle and Bow Board Members: Nick Boulet, Patty Davis, Eva Fritsch, Mark Gaines, John Hopson and George Segebade.

Please make donations payable to:
Fiddle and Bow Country Dancers
c/o George Segebade
1913 Oak Ridge Rd.
Oak Ridge, NC  27310