Feet Retreat Sample Schedule (2019)

Feet Retreat Sample Schedule -(2019)

FRIDAY, September 14

4:30 Registration begins: Camp entrance/dining hall
6:00: Optional Dinner, Dining Hall (for those who preregistered for this)
8:00-9:35: Contras/Squares with Buddy System & Emily Rush, Dance Hall
9:35-9:55 Break/Snacks
9:55-11:30: Contras/Squares with Mean Lids & Charlotte Crittenden, Dance Hall
11:30-12:30:  Mostly Waltz with Recorded Music, Dance Hall

SATURDAY: September 15
 7:45-9:00: Breakfast in Dining Hall

DANCE HALL                                        LEARNING CENTER           LEARNING CENTER
                                                                                  (Large Room)                                            (small room)

9:00-10:30:  Contras/Squares
w/ Charlotte  & Buddy System          Waltz w/Catherine ­­­F                           (no activities)
                                                                                    & Ted & Dean      

10:45-12:15    Contras/Squares          Flatfooting with Warren/Terry   (no activities)
  w/ Emily  & The Mean Lids                    Doyle & Recorded Music          

LUNCH: 12:30-1:45 in Dining Hall

2:00-3:30   Swing w/Catherine                  English: Gail Lacy                        Singing with
     Farmer  & The Mean Lids                               & Ted & Dean                                 Olivia P.

3:45-5:15         Rushfest                                    Yoga w/ Hampton T.               Musicians with
                                                                                                                                                          Buddy System
DINNER:  5:45-7:00 pm

8:00-9:50:  Grand Late Summer Ball w/ Emily & The Mean Lids, Dance Hall

9:50-10:10   Break/Snacks

10:10-12:00   Grand Late Summer Ball w/ Charlotte & Buddy System, Dance Hall

12-12:30: Couples dancing with recorded music, Dance Hall

SUNDAY: September 16—Coffee available at 7 am

8-9:30: Breakfast                    8:15-9:00: Yoga: Learning Center, Large Room

9-9:50: Mostly waltz with Ted Ehrhard & Dean Herington, Dance Hall

10-11:45: Contras & Squares with Charlotte & The Mean Lids, Dance Hall

11:45-12:15:  Leftovers lunch/snack

12:15-2:  Contras & Squares with Emily & Buddy System, Dance Hall