Feet Retreat 2017

Over 190 people had a fantastic time attending Feet Retreat 2017.  Thanks to all who contributed their time and energies to making it all happen and to those who helped support Fiddle and Bow Country Dancers by attending and having a good time!

Thanks to you all we are moving ahead, enthusiastically booking great bands for our local dances,  offering new times and places to dance  as well as working on FEET RETREAT 2018, which is already in the initial planning stages! So, plan on coming back next year for a new fantastic weekend dance filled adventure!

If you missed attending 2017 Feet Retreat and wonder about the myriad events typically offered at our annual dance weekends here is  what dancers enjoyed this  year:

2017 Feet Retreat Event Schedule


Multiple workshops and activities such as Yoga and Singing went  on all during the weekend as well as camp activities such as boating, hiking, informal music jams and getting to know other dancers.


Camp Millstone
1296 Mallard Dr
Ellerbe, NC 28338

Pictures from Prior Year’s Feet Retreat