Feet Retreat 2017

Over 185 people  converged on Camp Millstone yesterday to participate in one of the year’s best loved and thrilling dance retreat weekends!  Over 190 had a fantastic time on the dance floor last night!

Today’s myriad activities have begun and you are welcome to join in at any time throughout the day and evening by paying for the individual event and workshop admission at the gate or door..

The 36th year of FEET RETREAT is in full swing, running from September 15-17,  our 36th year!  Please support the continuation of Feet Retreat and Fiddle & Bow Country Dancers by registering and coming to enjoy this extraordinary dance and workshop filled event!  You may Register at the gate or door.
Full plans with meals are no longer available now that meal plans are locked in, but cabin and camping spaces are available!

Full Weekend Schedule
for those who can only come for part of the weekend activities and want to choose which ones to attend, here is the full schedule for the 3 days of Feet Retreat:

2017 Feet Retreat Event Schedule

Bring some friends, down for the day or evening  and have a blast in this natural setting with fascinating workshops and activities, multiple dances, music by exceptional bands  and leisure time for boating and hiking.

2017 Feet Retreat Event Schedule

Walk-ins for individual dances or workshops will be welcome and you may register in person for partial plans. (without meals)
Download forms and bring with you with cash or check or just stop by the gate or door and friendly folks will fix you  up.
  Feet Retreat 2017 Registration Forms

Regrettably Tee shirts had to be cancelled this year but cheer up, there are two great ways to get your mementos:
The button team, Mark and Cassidy, will be there to make your FREE button as a memento of all the fun you’re going to have at the weekend! And, there are Tee Shirts from previous years on display for sale at only $5 each! Its always handy to have a fresh shirt to change into mid-dance and the  colorful array of designs adds to the fun.

As a fundraiser, several of our members have created amazing hand crafted items that will be raffled off this weekend!  Ask for raffle  tickets – the more you buy  the more you get for the money and the more chances you have to win.
Here is the intricate and beautiful afghan created by our  secretary, Denise Bain, entitled “Sophie’s Universe”


Feet Retreat 2017 Registration Forms

Bands you don’t want to miss! What does it even sound like when experienced musicians of this caliber collaborate?  Your imagination cannot conceive of it, you’ll just have to experience it!

Andrew, Anna & Aaron
Andrew VanNorstrand, Great Bear
Anna Patton, Elixir
Aaron Marcus, Frost and Fire

Buddy System
Noah VanNorstrand, Great Bear
Julie Vallimont, Nor’easter

Gaye Fifer
Charlotte Crittenden

Raffle tickets will be available for you to buy during the weekend to enter to win a one of a kind Denise afghan, and another lovingly crafted one of a kind piece as well as other cool items!  This is a  way to help support Fiddle and Bow’s dances in the Triad, have fun and perhaps win a great prize!

Multiple workshops and activities such as Yoga and Singing will be going on all during the weekend as well as camp activities such as boating and hiking.


Camp Millstone
1296 Mallard Dr
Ellerbe, NC 28338

Pictures from Prior Year’s Feet Retreat