Feet Retreat 2016 Schedule

Friday, Sept. 16

4:30 pm: Registration opens, but anyone may arrive early.

6:00 pm: Sound checks for bands with Michael Campbell in the Dance Hall.

6:00 pm: Spaghetti dinner in the Dining Hall.

8:00-9:30 pm: Contras & squares with Emily Abel and House Red in the Dance Hall. Throughout the weekend, it is each caller’s prerogative whether to include squares in any session.

9:30-9:50: Break, snacks available.

9:50-11:20: Contras & squares with Sarah Van Norstrand and Great Bear.

11:30-1:00: Rushfest with Emily Rush.

Saturday, Sept. 17

8-9:15: Breakfast, Dining Hall.

9-10:25, Dance Hall: Intermediate Waltz with Catherine Farmer & Page Ghaphery & House Red.

9-10:25: New Learning Center: Callers, led by Sarah Van Norstrand; Music by Rob Zisette.

9-10:25: Dining Hall or Outside: Musicians with Great Bear.

10:40-12:05: Dance Hall: Advanced-Level, Brain Buster Contras with Emily A.,  Music by Great Bear.

10:40-12:05: New Learning Center: Flatfooting with Warren & Terry Doyle (to recorded music)

12:30-1:45: Lunch in the Dining Hall.

2-3:25: Dance Hall: Balance and Blues (blues & contra fusion): Led by Rob Zisette & Emily R.; music by Andrew & Noah.

2-3:25: New Learning Center: English Country, led by Gail Lacy. Music by The Ones Improper.

3:40-5:05: Dance Hall: Contras & Squares led by Sarah V. Music by House Red.

3:40-5:05: New Learning Center: Yoga, led by Hampton Thrower.

3:40-5:05: Dining Hall or Outside: Singing, led by Olivia Peachley.

5:45-7:00: Dinner in the Dining Hall.

8-9:50: Grand Fall Ball, led by Sarah V. & Great Bear.

9:50-10:10: Dessert, Snacks.

10:10-12: Grand Fall Ball continues, led by Emily A., Emily R. & House Red

12-1: Late night couples dancing to recorded music.

Sunday, Sept. 18

8-9:30: Breakfast in the dining hall.

8:15-9:15: Yoga, led by Hampton, in the New Learning Center.

8:45-9:45: Singing, led by Olivia, Outside or in the Staff House lobby.

8:45-9:30: Waltzing to Recorded Music in the Dance Hall.

9:30-10: Waltzing to House Red in the Dance Hall.

10-11:50: Contras & Squares with Sarah, Emily & Emily & House Red in the Dance Hall.

11:50-12:10: Leftovers for lunch/snack

12:10-2:00: Contras & Squares with Emily, Emily & Sarah and Great Bear.