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Next Up:
SPECIAL!  Saturday, May 19 at the Greensboro Grange with an English country dance workshop at 6:30 before the contra. Live music from the 17th and 18th centuries will be played by David DiGuiseppe and Pete Campbell for the English country dances!

Its time for us all to renew our memberships.  Thanks to our members, who number 70+ strong,  for being a part, participating in dances and supporting your contra dance community this past year in this way.  Dues are $24 per adult except full time students 23 and under – their dues are $12.
Mail your check made out to “Fiddle & Bow Country Dancers” to the treasurer:
John Hopson
205 Retnuh Dr.
Winston-Salem, NC  27105

Alternatively, you can bring a check or cash to the next dance.

This will ensure your continued savings of $1 – $2 per dance as well as the other benefits listed later on this page.  

Getting Started

We  have a
FREE beginner’s lesson (more of an orientation) 30 minutes before the dance every time.  Since there is no fancy footwork in contra ( I like that fact, don’t you?) –  “If you can walk, you can dance.” 

Each individual dance is taught then called (to keep everyone on track….more or less) while the music plays and you walk patterns at a vigorous pace with partners, neighbors and other dancers.  You’ll interact with them by way of many hand holding as well as non-touching ways.  Its the easiest type of dancing there is and most fun and accessible! Once you come a few times you’ll learn the terms then the hardest part is remembering your left from your right.  🙂

No partner necessary!
Because it is community dancing, everyone dances with everyone else but you are welcomed and encouraged to bring friends.

Please bring clean, soft soled, non-marring,  shoes without spiked heels (heels should be 3/4″ width minimum) to preserve the fine floors we’re privileged to dance on and to make dancing comfortable and more fun for you.

Admission is received at the door with most people paying cash, but checks are also accepted.
Admission Rates if you are not a member:

Students (23 and under) at all venues $6

Greensboro Saturday 3 hour dance:    $10
Clemmons Tuesday:                                           $9
Salem College Sunday 3 hour dance:  $10
(Salem students and faculty $3 at the Sunday dance!)

Children 12 and under – FREE at all venues

Admission Rates for Members (those dancers who have paid their dues) at all venues:
Regular – $8
Student – $5

Coming up:

April – May Dance Flier

Saturday, May 19 at the Greensboro Grange the versatile and excellent David DiGiuseppe and Pete Campbell play their great repertoire for our dancing pleasure!

me a Member now and begin saving on the spot! Dues are $24 regular, $12 for students
 We are now accepting new memberships and renewals that will carry you through May 31, 2019
Saves you $1 – $2 per dance!
Supports some of our normal annual expenses.
Allows you to take leadership positions.
Allows you to vote in annual elections.
Lets you bring your friends for their first contra for free with guest passes!
Ask how  at the door.

 Looking ahead to Feet Retreat 2018!

If you would like to have contra dancing or circle dances at your event, please contact one of us!  Those type of events reach out to the community at large and introduce new people to this wonderful activity, helping to grow our dance.

About Fiddle & Bow Country Dancers

The Fiddle & Bow Country Dancers, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non- profit organization which sponsors several contra dances (usually 3 per month) in Clemmons, Winston-Salem or Greensboro  on select days and times.  We also sponsor a special annual weekend getaway,  FEET RETREAT,  at beautiful Camp Millstone where you can enjoy many dances with music and calling by top national talent, great related workshops, delicious meals  and fellowship in a laid back atmosphere!  Our 2018 Fabulous Feet Retreat will be September 14-16.

Donations are always accepted and very much appreciated! Thank you for helping to make this dance viable, bringing this wholesome activity that all can enjoy into our communities.

Download April- May 2018 Flier

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