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Updated July 4, 2021

Are you ready to  dance again?

Many people are looking forward  to a post-Covid world, a world in which contra dancing can be a regular thing again.  The F&B board  has been discussing the possibilities but because the Delta variant  is spreading rapidly, our local venues are all  indoors  with none or little outside air ventilation,   and in contra dancing we dance face to face with everyone in the  room, there are concerns about opening up too early.

Postponing local  dances for awhile yet, we have  come to a tentative  plan to hold a One Day Feet Retreat Special Event on the weekend of September  24-26 at Camp Millstone since that is an outdoor venue that many know well and enjoy.  We plan on having some of the best bands and callers that you normally expect at Feet Retreat.

Whether or not we  hold  this will depend on having enough help, availability of  bands and callers as well as CDC and State Health guidelines at the  time.

Please plan on being fully vaccinated by then so that you may attend!  By being vaccinated you  will also help prevent this disease from causing more damage and heartache and we can confidently get back to normal.

General Information
Please bring
clean, soft soled, non-marring,  shoes without spiked heels (heels should be 3/4″ width minimum) to preserve the fine floors we’re privileged to dance on and to make dancing more comfortable, safe and fun for you.

Admission at regular dances:   CASH or CHECK at the door.

Regular Admission:  $10 (except Clemmons on Tuesdays – $9)
Student Admission: 
(23 and under full time) – $6
Salem College students and faculty $3
Children 12 and under – FREE

(If you were a member who paid dues  in the 2019 -2020 season you are still a member since your benefits were postponed due to  Covid)

Regular – $8
Student – $5

Memberships (1 year – June 1 – May 31)
$24 regular or $12 full time student 23 and under.
Become a Member at any dance and begin saving on the spot!
Memberships are prorated so you may join at any time.

Saves you $1 – $2 per dance!
Supports some of our regular annual expenses.
Allows you to take leadership positions.
Allows you to vote in annual elections.

Mail your dues check or donation made out to
“Fiddle & Bow Country Dancers”
to the treasurer:
John Hopson
205 Retnuh Dr.
Winston-Salem, NC  27105

We depend on dues and donations to meet our financial obligations!

Fundraising update July 4, 2021:

Thanks to ongoing donations we have the financial means to begin holding dances as the Covid situation improves.   You are helping to meet our many expenses  and to  reach out and expose more people to the contra dance and music tradition.

Michael Campbell Obituary

Donate here via PayPal

Thanks to those on the Board who continually volunteer their time to keep the dances going.  Also, thanks to all who volunteer to help in various ways at each dance.  It takes a community for it all to happen, thank you!

If you would like to have contra dancing or circle dances at your event, please contact one of us!  Those type of events reach out to the community at large and introduce new people to this wonderful activity, helping to grow our dance.

About Fiddle & Bow Country Dancers

The Fiddle & Bow Country Dancers, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non- profit organization which sponsors several contra dances (usually 3 per month) in Clemmons, Winston-Salem or Greensboro  on select days and times.  We also sponsor a special annual weekend getaway,  FEET RETREAT,  at beautiful Camp Millstone where you can enjoy many dances with music and calling by top national talent, great related workshops, delicious meals  and fellowship in a laid back atmosphere!  Our 2020 Fabulous Feet Retreat will be September 25.-27. 


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