Its fund-raising time and we have some good news!
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The annual meeting is scheduled for Nov 21 at the Clemmons dance break
with Fiddle and Bow board elections scheduled to take place then.

Coming up!

November 18 – Saturday at  the Greensboro Grange
November 21 – Tuesday at Clemmons – Dance and Elections
December 3 – Sunday at Salem College – Rushfest Dance
December 16 – Saturday at Greensboro Grange – Holiday Dance
December 19 – Tuesday at Clemmons

“There are many opportunities for you to serve in helping our dance community grow,  just ask!   A small group of us enjoy working  many hours behind the scenes to make these dances possible but we would like to help YOU to become involved and be  a part of making it all happen too. It takes a community! The Nominating Committee, (John Hopson, David Glick, Mick Pryor and George Segebade) are looking for people who would enjoy contributing by serving on the board. Use your special talents and abilities to better our dances!

We are happy to say that lately a few people have come forth to partner with us in the some of the week  to week operations of Fiddle and Bow but there is certainly room for a few more to share in these tasks and during Feet Retreat.  That will enable each of us to enjoy and concentrate on our own areas of expertise. ”

There was a great turnout for our first monthly Sunday Salem College dance amounting to two lines of experienced and new dancers!  Dancers were able to come in from the Triangle and Charlotte to dance and still get home early!  Nice treat!  Our next Sunday dance there will be the ever popular Rushfest on
Dec 3  from 6pm -9pm.  Lesson at 5:30.

By necessity, we have a variable dance schedule. A general pattern is emerging.
1st Sundays at Salem College, 3rd Saturdays at Greensboro Grange with a Tuesday dance in between but there will be exceptions!  Better check here first. You don’t want to be the only one at a “dance” or on the other hand, miss a dance – your feet wouldn’t be happy!

FEET RETREAT was a great success, thanks for supporting it!  We are already in the planning stages and have two great bands in mind for Feet Retreat 2018.

Here is what we enjoyed in case you missed it and want to think about how to be there next year:

2017 Feet Retreat Event Schedule

See you on the dance floor!

John Hopson,
Vice President