Our schedule is pretty fluid now so check  for new opportunities to dance! There are no dances scheduled for the next few weeks but then we have a rapid fire succession of great dances starting October 10 when we get to dance to amazing music by two of the countries top contra band musicians!

The 36th year of FEET RETREAT was a great success!  Thanks to all who participated as well as to all the many hands who served and volunteered to make things go smoothly.  What a great event to be a part of. Let’s do it again next year!
Here is what we enjoyed in case you missed it and want to think about how to be there next year.

2017 Feet Retreat Event Schedule


Coming up!
October 10 – SPECIAL!!  Tuesday night dance at Clemmons with “SperoBlazer” and Andrea Nettleton
October 14 – Saturday afternoon Dance at New Hope Fall Festival with The Ones Improper and Nick Boulet
October 17 – Regular Tuesday night dance
October 21 – Regular 3rd Saturday Grange dance
November 5 – New! Salem College Sunday early evening dance 6-9pm

Stay in touch for:
schedule changes
new dance venue opportunities and changes
invitations to special dances
the annual meeting
November Fiddle and Bow elections
annual fund-raiser
and more!

There are many opportunities for you to serve in helping our dance community grow, just ask!   A small group of us enjoy working  many hours behind the scenes to make these dances possible but we would like to help YOU to become involved and be  a part of making it all happen too. It takes a community! 

See you on the dance floor!
John Hopson,

Vice President