Your fitbit won't know what hit it. #ContraDance

Contra dance is a fun and sneaky (because it’s so fun) way to exercise. At an average dance night, you can dance at least 10 dances, each one over 1,000 steps, pushing your total step count over 10,000 steps! If you attend a contra dance weekend (like Feet Retreat), you’ll dance a marathon.

Heartbeat iconCardio Workout

Taking ~120 steps per minute, contra dance can really get your heart going and all that weight sharing will build up your core strength!

Everyone IconEveryone

Contra dance is for all ages. Feel like you’re not coordinated? Think you could never dance? Think again. If you can walk, you can contra dance. Unlike any other dance, there are no contra dance competitions.

Live Music Eighth-notes IconLive Music

You’ll always dance to live music at a contra dance. This is way different than dancing to a recording. The energy from the band brings the dance to life. Bands range from traditional fiddle & bow to electric guitar with didgeridoo.

Fitness Icon CommunityCommunity

Contra dance is a community dance. You don’t need to come with a partner. Everyone dances with each other and anyone may (and will) ask anyone to dance.

Smile IconSmile!

They’re infectious, the smiles that you’ll encounter on the dance floor. You may even find one on your face as you dance the night away.


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Fiddle & Bow Country Dancers,
We usually host 2 dances a month. One on Tuesday night in Clemmons,  7-10:00pm, one on Saturday night in Greensboro, 7–10:30pm.  Free beginners lesson 7pm. Dance at 7:30pm.    Check the calendar for details about bands,  times, dates and additional special dances.