Feet Retreat 2016

September 16-18

Camp Millstone
1296 Mallard Dr
Ellerbe, NC 28338

Bands: Great Bear Trio and House Red
Callers: Sarah VanNorstrand, Emily Rush and Emily Abel

Come to the Dance!

It’s a little late to register, online or otherwise. We’re all down at Camp Millstone setting up and dancing. There’s still room for you on the dance floor, so head on down to Camp Millstone and dance with us! Individual Dances are $25 and we can probably work out sleeping accommodations if you ask nicely and can cover the minimal costs for a bed or camping spot.


We’re working with the same vendor as last year to get high quality shirts with women’s and men’s cut/sizing. This year’s shirt is only available in black.

Example only; men’s cut.

Pictures from Last Year’s Feet Retreat